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Getting Through

Getting Through

by Chocolate Chip -
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There have been so many changes in such a short time. I’m trying to stay positive but it gets harder the longer time goes on. I have my own things to deal with, but then I’m also feeling mentally drained from trying to be caring for my friends and family who are being laid off work and having anxiety about what they should and shouldn’t do to prevent getting or spreading the virus.

I’m finding that a few things are helping me, like: trying to remind myself of the silver linings or the things I am grateful for, connecting with friends through social media or texting, watching dog videos. I limit how much news I'm watching, and try to find videos that have nothing to do with what we are going through. The 30-60minutes of distraction have been such a relief. I’ve had to stop clicking on COVID memes on social media too because I was feeling so overwhelmed and sad. Now I click on cute animal posts or posts about my favourite shows. Luckily Instagram is intuitive and now my feed is a bit better for my mental health. I also try to get some sunshine (near a window, by the door, or short walks) when I can.

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Re: Getting Through

by COVID19 Moderator -
I appreciate that you are willing to share this with us. What strikes me here is how many times you tried to find useful coping strategies, kudos to you! Those are all great suggestions. You show a lot of strength and determination by searching for coping strategies that help you. Thank you for sharing :)